Sweet Water Supplier

A water delivery services company with over 25 years of experience.

We supply sweet water tanker service in all Dubai. Water Tanker Capacity is 1000-2500-5000-10000 Gallons.
We supply water tanker to
  Companies, Villas, Restaurants, Offices, Construction sites, Laundry water, Salt Water.  
Prices of water are :
Price depend on locations.

"Sweet water supply" 2500 Gallons are 220-350 AED.
"Salt water supply" 2500Gallon are 150-250 AED .
"Swimming pool water" 2500 Gallon are 250-360 AED.
"Sweet water supplier" 2500Gallon are 240-340 AED.
"Construction water supplier" 2500 Gallon are 240-300.
"Laundry water supplier" 2500 Gallon are 250-350.

Sweet Water Tanker

We get sweet water from government verified site. Sweet water is used in many places. For example: used for homes used for villas used for drinking water Used for swimming pool Used for companies Used for laundry water

Sweet Water

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Pool water tanker

Blue crystal quality water for swimming pool. We can fill large swimming pool in 3 hours. Swimming Pool Water UAE is a company that provides you sweet water tanker supply service in Dubai in very affordable price. We also provide water for swimming pools and daily use by just only doing a WhatsApp message or call. our agents are available 24/7 for your assistance.

Laundry water supply

2500-5000 water tanker capacity. Clean water and fresh water supply.

Salt water tanker

Salt water is used for construction sites and also for roads. Call us for fast delivery.

water supply

Our Mission is to Deliver on Time

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